Installing rune audio on Raspberry Pi 3 with IQaudIO Pi-DAC+


Install rune audio on an SD card using this guide

Getting it to recognise the IQaudIO Pi-DAC+

I bought an IQaudIO Pi-DAC+. Really easy to connect up and sounds great once working.

Boot the Pi login as root using the password rune, and make sure that the standard sound modules are disabled by editing /etc/modules-load.d/raspberrypi.conf and comment out the following lines


Edit the /boot/config.txt file to enable I2S and the device tree overlay for the DAC+, by uncommenting the following lines


Reboot the Pi...

Configure through WebUI

Set up the wifi network - follow the prompts

Set up the sources - I am using a network drive using CIFS (SMB). I had a few problems getting it to mount... Until I put my password in Quotes!!!!

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