Setting up Pelican to create

Creating the Dev environment

Pelican is a tool that allows the generation of static websites from markdown files. It is written in Python and there are many extensions. It provides some basic themes as part of the install, but there are many other contributed themes that you can use as-is or as a starting point to develop your own. In future articles I will cover the development of the site theme, but this article covers the installation of the dev environment.

The Python environment

I am working on OS X and the links and details provided will relate to that, but it is obviously at home on linux. If you are a linux user I am sure you can pick your way through my examples or find similar articles for linux.


Setup a virtual environment for pelican

$ mkvirtualenv pelican
$ workon pelican
(pelican) $

Follow the pelican quickstart guide to install pelican in the virtual environment we have just created, and initialise the website as a pelican project.

(pelican) $ pip install pelican
(pelican) $ pip install markdown
(pelican) $ cd <your-desired-directory>
(pelican) $ pelican-quickstart
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