Setting up the Monkeyboard DAB Radio on the Raspberry Pi

DAB Radio

I bought a DAB radio development board from cool components, which should connect to the Pi over USB. The board is made by an Australian company called Monkeyboard. I have reached out to their support folks and found them very helpful.

Install the build tools

The build tools are not installed by default. The equivalent of the build-essential packaged from Debian is base-devel:

pacman -S base-devel

Follow the handy guide...

Monkeyboard have a guide to setting up Monkeyboard DAB Radio on the Raspberry Pi, so here goes...

curl -O
tar -zxvpf raspberrypi_keystone.tgz
cd keystone/KeyStoneCOMM
make install
cd ../app

Contrary to the README.txt file, the library is provided already built and the Makefile in /keystone/KeyStoneCOMM cannot build the library as the source file is missing.

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