Summary notes from the RLab LoRaWAN TTN Day

TTN Hack Day

Mark Stanley's Thingitude

Thingithon links

Mark's "Things Uno" Practical Walkthrough

Roughly following the The Things Uno Tutorial.

LoRaWAN Hardware

Arm M0 boards (Not LoRaWAN)

Setting up the Microbit to talk LoRaWAN using the new protocol

Take Richard's original Hackaday for LoRaWAN and the example and library code for the TheThingsUno. Use the calls from the library code to update Richard's micropython script for the Microbit.

Useful references

Viewing packets from the ttn mqtt feed

Download ttnctl from here to get the password for mosquitto_sub

mosquitto_sub -h -t '70B3D57ED00005D0/devices/0004A30B001B2CD5/up' -u 70B3D57ED00005D0 -P 'EokMLv5CAarTUYU63nAq+8ZEhGVLms6cgQRbzZtBkqA='
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