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Trouble with XBee radios

Problems flashing XBee radios - They are not Bricked...

Neopixel clock - my first project at Reading Hackspace

The design, development and creation of a neopixel clock using the lasercutter at Reading Hackspace. The electronics were prototyped then a PCB was designed in Kicad before being manufactured in China. The ESP Arduino platform was used to brite the code and Platformio was used to manage, compile and upload the code to the ESP. The code uses libraries to create a captive portal to set the wifi details and allow OTA programming.

Adding the photos plugin to my Pelican website

Adding the photos plugin to the Pelican site

Hosting my static website on AWS S3

Publishing the Pelican site on AWS S3

Installing a pelican theme and configuring pelican

Installing a Pelican theme and setting up pelican to use the theme for

Setting up Pelican to create

A basic guide to setting up the development environment for