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Setting up a Pi Zero W CCTV Camera

Creating a home-grown CCTV system

Installing rune audio on Raspberry Pi 3 with IQaudIO Pi-DAC+

Installing rune audio on a Pi 3 with IQaudIO Pi-DAC+

Creating an Access Point on wlan0

Setting up hostapd on wlan0 and moving client wireless config to wlan1 so in the car with a single wlan the system creates a wireless access point. When at home we can add an additional wireless dingle and connect to the home network and upgrade the system

Installing and testing PulseAudio on the Pi

Installing and testing PulseAudio on the Pi in preparation for mpd install

Installing Arch Linux on Raspberry Pi with Wireless

Summary of setting up Arch Linux or Raspberry Pi B+ in preparation for the Landy Hi-fi

Setting up the Serial port on Raspberry Pi under Arch Linux

Getting the serial port working for communication with an Atmel 328P

Setting up the Monkeyboard DAB Radio on the Raspberry Pi

Getting the DAB radio working on the Pi